Inclusion Inc

To inspire our members on their journey to become Inclusive Leaders and create a culture of Inclusion

Inclusion Inc provides coaching, education, development, and technology that supports businesses that have already made the decision to become more inclusive. Our purpose is to help drive Inclusion in all businesses, organisations and regions through coaching of the necessary cultural change and supporting leaders to energise and drive this vital and much in demand transformation. 

Our Founder and CEO, René Carayol, is one of the world’s leading voices on inclusion. Having worked with countless world leaders, business leaders, and community leaders, René has the authentic, expert voice we all wish to hear from. In becoming more inclusive, we will all thrive together. 



Inclusion is high on the agenda for many leaders, and it is the right and smart thing to do. However, inclusion is not reflected in reality, with 3.2B needed to close the UK’s ethnic pay gap (The Guardian, 2021), 70% of ethnic minorities earning less than 17K (HR DataHub, 2021), and big businesses spending millions on discrimination litigation. Finding ways to address inclusion is vital to everyone. When employees feel like they belong, their performance is enhanced, and businesses with diverse teams see an improved bottom line.


InclusionInc is developing xPress Yourself, a platform that accelerates inclusion. Users can anonymously establish a complaint that goes directly to the executive management (C-suite), using one of 30 languages.

A platform that gives employees, patients and citizens a voice. Being a communication bridge and the ‘canary in the coal mine’ directly to the C-suite, the dashboard safely delivers transparency at scale.

The business of business is no longer just business. From the single mother who cannot afford to leave a job where she is being verbally abused daily to a black colleague who experiences racism, xPress Yurself is for them. For marginalised colleagues and allies, this means everything. When colleagues feel included, business performance is enhanced.

Inclusion requires care. xPress Yurself could prevent costly reputation-damaging litigation issues. This proves it is the right and smart thing to do. InclusionInc predicts reducing litigation by 50–80% (Ombuds) and increasing employee retention by 9.4X (Humu).