Inclusion Speaker

As the world of work faces a period of transformation, driven by the increase in racial and social awareness, our CEOs and our businesses have to meet the demands of a new generation that places inclusion and social conscience at their hearts. Recently we have seen an increase in interest for René to address cultural transformation brought by the Black Lives Matter movement. As an acclaimed inclusion speaker, René has provided keynotes to leadership teams with straightforward, compelling advice and guidance to inspire passion for inclusion. Encouraging them to appreciate difference and ensure that everyone feels like they can belong.

Inclusion in Leadership

To get the very best decisions, strategy and solutions, teams need to cover all bases, and that means they must be diverse and then inclusive. Sports teams have figured this out long ago. They have specialists with differing strengths from diverse backgrounds who come together in dynamic fashion to deliver success. With Rene’s long-standing experience as an inclusion speaker, he’s often asked how inclusion links to leadership. His answer? Leadership without inclusion will never be powerful. It is no longer feasible for any one leader to do it all on their own anymore. They need support and challenge for decisions, solutions and the way forward. Real leaders create inclusive environments where everyone prospers. When we all feel we belong, we all benefit.

Diversity and Inclusion